HR A La Mode is your one-stop shop for all things Business & HR

The HR A La Mode team has over a decade of human resources experience across a variety of industries ranging from technology, semiconductor, medical device, to hospitality, food and beverage, entertainment, publications, and events.  In addition, we also have experience working with publicly traded and privately owned companies so we understand the cultural differences of both.

Full Life-Cycle Recruitment

We have extensive experience with full life-cycle recruiting.  What is full life-cycle recruiting?  Basically, from the point of having a need to hire through when the employee has joined the company or longer!  We know how to create job postings to help you find the candidates you need.  We have interviewed over 2 thousand people in just the last 5 years and we have over 10 years of recruiting experience so we know how to source and screen your candidates to reduce turnover later on.

Business HR Setup

Are you a new or growing business that needs HR help?  We can get you setup with some basic HR processes after a quick assessment of what you currently have in place.  Now that you have hired some employees, you will need to pay them.  We can get you set up with a free payroll system if your company meets the eligibility requirements otherwise there is a low monthly per-employee fee.

We have experience setting up HR systems for any type of need and budget. Whether it be a full human resources information system (HRIS) setup or simply helping you organize your data into manageable and easy-to-use spreadsheets, we are here to help!

Project Management

Do you have big projects that need management?  We have experience managing complex projects across multiple industries such as software projects, cross-functional projects, etc.


Do you have a foreign national workforce or looking to hire a foreign worker?  Are you struggling to understand and navigate the requirements of immigration law & your workers?  Well struggle no more, HR A La Mode is here to help with the heavy-lifting!  

Our experienced Human Resource professionals are here to help you with the following:

Full Life-Cycle Recruitment (Regular Employees, Temporary Employees, Contractors, Virtual Workers, College/Intern Recruiting, etc)

Payroll System Setup

Human Resource Information System (HRIS) Setup

Project Management

HR & I-9 Audits

Training & Development

Process Development

Process Improvements 

& so much more!